Networking and Social Connection

Connections even to the most remote locations on the planet.

Altruu helps people to connect with their social and global circles. Our separate networking system allows people to seamlessly network with their friends & family and create new connections & relationships across the planet.


Endless communication. Efficient conversations in diverse ways. Period.

Altruu allows you to communicate with friends, family and people around the world. With inbuilt multi-messaging platforms, it provides both public and private conversations with absolute online safety.


Build to the core.

Altruu is engineered to provide an centralised security protection with an absolute track free experience. We went above and beyond to include security features in an extensive manner with easy to control, all in one place.

Easy to Use

Convenient. Accessible. Handy. Just like that..

Altruu is simple to do anything and everything. We made Altruu easy and straightforward, because technology is more powerful when it is comfortable. Our user-centric interface is meticulously arranged in a way that all is just in a leap to provide great result.


The next generation of personalisation.

Altruu is personalisable, optimisable and customisable, thus the world’s first versatile social network. Altruu can be customised any way you like. With more than a hundred operational choices and infinite ways to customise, create a perfectly personalised social network, in your own image.


One stop for everything you love.

Altruu revolutionizes the entire information industry by deploying pre-processed information delivery system inside a social network. Designed to redefine information networking and consumption, it changes the way people connect with information.

Information and Knowledge Connectivity

Easiest way to connect with what matters to you.

Altruu discovers the information that matters most to you. From your neighbourhood, happenings around the world and even latest from the outer space, experience simplicity of discovery, all in one place, strategically structured for all your digital needs.

Privacy and Anti-tracking

Round the clock privacy protection.

Altruu takes the nature of your information very seriously. With active anti-tracking protection, your entire Altruu experience, everything you do, and your private information stays private.


One Altruu. Anywhere. Everywhere.

Altruu is created with the ability to operate on multiple platforms simultaneously. We are a cloud-based enterprise that lets you access our services from multiple devices. Regardless of the devices you use, Altruu is available to you at any moment.

Centralised control

Your data always under your control.

Altruu operates by ensuring you have the unrestricted ability to control your data. Our integrated privacy manager allows sole control over your data, at all time. Using the Centralised control decide what information of yours should be available on Internet.

Infinite Information Flow

One globe. One feed. One grand experience.

Altruu delivers best of everything that world has to offer, all in one feed. The global feed curated all around the world with the perfect balance. It just got a whole lot harder to miss the information you love, with Altruu information networking.

Fake News protection

Credible information at all time. Protection against misinformation.

Altruu curbs the spread of inaccurate information, making it easy to distinguish between misinformation and credible facts. With the innovative information shield, access information you can trust. Deploy our fake news filter to filter fake news and misinformation.