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Altruu carries out the social responsibilities every day by the mission ”technology for humanity” to support humanity in solving challenging global problems.*

Altruu for Democracy1


The best experiment carried out ever by human kind

Altruu believes in democracy, ‘power to the people’ is one of our core values that we are missioned to.

Our platform modelling

As our values stands, Altruu is modelled to act as a platform upholding freedom of information. For people to understand themselves and the world better, they need to have information. When people can talk to each other, share their opinion and experience challenges together, we succeed in our greatest experience by unleashing the true human potential.

Our social based CodeX

At present, Altruu’s sociality based CodeX acts as the mirror of democracy by reflecting multiple prospectives of people on every social issues. Thought the standpoint of democracy, that’s a boom

Primary responsibility

Information Cocoons

Our primary responsibility for democracy is to break “information cocoons” that are meticulously created inside information consumption. Altruu deployed multiple feed switch system, algorithm control, feed filters, knowledge generation, information validation and such transparency technologies to ensure healthy and sustainable online ecosystem.

Algorithm switch



Democracy Mission

Humanity has long fought against misinformation, manipulation and hate rhetoric. Our fight with disinformation and misinformation are as old as history. Our democracy mission is to bring accurate information using our discovery engine thus making the web more reliable.

Perils of Personalization

The Perils of Personalization is entirely obliterated right from the ground up, we are a platform designed to provide absolute control to people. In addition to our discovery system and personalized networking experience, we engineered Altruu to be a system that aspires to democratic nature.



As a social network our responsibility to democracy is to curb fragmentation, polarization and extremism inside the digital landscape. The whole world might prosper, seek solutions to global problems when we overcome our differences together.

The journey towards true online democracy is complex, still we continue to evolve towards it

World News

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Altruu for Business2

Enterprise Experience

To suit enterprise users and services.
To delive seamless experience.
To meet all expectations. Period.

Altruu is engineered to suit enterprise users and services by delivering seamless experience. Our networking is adaptable and easy to deploy inside workstations and remote productivity.

Our platform modelling

Our innovations, user experience and services are based on easy to control approach to bring more professional activities in the day to day operations, wherever they are, whatever their industry be.

Our business based CodeX

At present, Altruu’s business based CodeX acts as the streamline enterprise data delivery system for multiple industries to get up-to-date enterprise information inside their sector.

Primary responsibility

Elite Enterprise Data

Information is vital for every business, hence we are responsible to deliver the best enterprise data with reduced time delay. The responsibility of Altruu is to bring enterprise data and resources a lot closer to the people inside the industry especially to the young entrepreneurs who bring innovation inside traditional business environment. 




Centric Approach

We created diverse flow of information and enterprise-centric interface across our discovery engine so the efficiency matches the standards of all business requirements.

Information Handling

We take the nature of our corporate network services with much care. As we operate everyday, we are expanding our lines of information handling multifold thus to act as a work platform for people in every industry.

A global enterprise or an innovative start up, our discovery system is always driven

Market News
Fund Raising
Working Mom

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Altruu for Education3


fostering mind with knowledge.
develop critical thinking abilities.

Education is all about fostering mind with knowledge, satisfying one’s curiosity and to develop critical thinking abilities.

Our platform modelling

Our networking is designed to give a taste at some of the remarkable things educators are doing around the world. We, at Altruu strive to be a platform of comprehensive learning environment with absolute freedom of expression.

Our Education based CodeX

At present, Altruu’s education based CodeX acts as the one-stop portal for various levels of students to access education in remote places. Powering the best discovery technology, optimised for up-to-date education information and resources to provide personalised learning experience for every student of diverse academic backgrounds, spark curiosity among the young minds.

Primary responsibility

Unified Information Portal

The rapidity of change today allowed the explosion of information in an exponential scale that demands a unified information portal. Encourage everyone to learn new things every day by diversifying our discovery operation into uncharted territories on every possible educational areas is our key strategy on our educational responsibility.




Consume Curiosity

To facilitate every one acquire information and gain knowledge in daily social experience, we created specific feed algorithm that uncover information required for each students what ever their curiosity might be focused on.

Heart of Learning

Altruu explores new solutions to nurture creativity into the heart of learning. We bring the needs of students closer ever day to close the gap between traditional educational activities and creative learning.

We work to bring

Fun for students
Support for educators
Inspiration for parents
Resource for academic scholars

We work together to help educators, scholars, parents and students each second

Discover what great things are happening inside education around the world using Altruu

Educational Technology

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Statement as of June 1, 2020.

* A biennial mission set forth in June 2020 as primary corporate social responsibility.

1. Statement based on responsibilities and mission put forth by Altruu for democracy values in June 2018.

2. Statement based on approach and mission put forth by Altruu for business and corporate values in June 2019.

3. Statement based on commitment and mission put forth by Altruu for education values in June 2018.

Altruu is a trademark and a proprietary intellectual property of Altruu social network.