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Though we tried our best to keep everything simple as possible in Altruu, to follow the tradition set by someone a way long ago, we somehow managed to include the Altruu Support and FAQ section. Very seriously, If you have any doubt regarding using Altruu, kindly do contact us, because we are in the same boat. We can chitchat and have fun while discussing about Altruu. Still we’re very happy if are find answers and get to know more about Altruu with the help of this support section.


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Buddies in Altruu

Security and Privacy

Posts and Content Sharing

Altruu Credits and Social Services

Altruu Fundamentals

Discovery and Content Control


Altruu Technical

Verified Information

Data Security

A. General

What is Altruu?

Altruu, a discovery engine, a social and information network. But if you like to complicate things, Altruu is a track-free global social network and discovery engine to connect, discover and contribute to what matters to us, providing next generation versatility with centralized information security to users.

In simple terms, Altruu is the place where people can maintain their information diet.

Am I eligible to create an Altruu account?

Altruu is free and open to anyone willing to access our services by agreeing to our terms of service. There is no age limit set in Altruu and you are free to create an account unless you are legally restricted to use the services or blocked by Altruu previously.

How do I contact Altruu?

You can contact Altruu for any queries or reports by using the admin chat. Altruu ensures response and related actions as soon as possible. Always happy to help!

Who is Altruu for?

Altruu is free for everyone in the globe irrespective of their color, age, gender and locality. People who are engrossed in discovering information with absolute privacy can find Altruu a better place. We value your privacy!

How is Altruu different from traditional networking?

Traditional Networking gives you what your friend values not yours but Altruu Networking respects your values, so you can tirelessly discover information what you love instead of what your friend loves. With all of our efforts, we continuously safeguard your online presence while discovering information.

When did Altruu come into existence?

Altruu was launched on June 1, 2018, founded by Tenith Adithyaa. Altruu was created in the best time ever in the history of the planet, because now we’re connected, connected means together and together means strength. Freedom of information, free speech and power to people are the values which Altruu founded on.

Where is Altruu's origin?

Altruu is one of the subsidiaries of Tenith Innovations Private Limited which has its base headquarters in Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu, India.

B. Account

How can I create an Altruu account?

To create an Altruu account,

1. Go to
2. Click Create Account
3. Enter your username, email, password and gender
4. Submit the details
5. Confirm your email address

That’s it. You are an Altruuser.

Can I access Altruu without creating an Altruu account?

Yep! You can access specific services of Altruu as an explorer without an Altruu account.

How can I delete my Altruu account?

To delete your Altruu account, go to your settings page and select delete account. You will be asked your password for confirmation. By doing so, your account will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to recover your account again.

How do I block someone?

You can block someone by going to their profile page and selecting block provided there.

What are all the rules I have to follow while using Altruu?

Altruu takes the safety, privacy and freedom of the users very seriously. We have set strict guidelines that everyone using our services should follow. We recommend you to read Altruu’s Social Guidelines and Terms of services to understand how users are required to behave and use our services.

What should I do if my account is banned falsely?

Buddy, sorry for the inconvenience caused. If you think Altruu banned your account for no definite reasons, please drop us a message at Altruu Command Centre. Sit back and relax yourself, Altruu will take care of your concern.

What are the personal information I need to submit to create an Altruu account?

All you need is your email address alone. We won’t ask your personal information like mobile number because your personal is yours.

How can I ban an Altruuser?

Go to the profile page of the Altruuser you want to ban

Click on the ‘three dot’ menu right below the Altruuser name > Click Ban Altruuser

What are the documents required to get my account verified?

Verified account is an identity of a user in the digital world. So, verify your account on the go just by uploading your Passport / ID with your distinct photo and Altruu will take care of your verification

Is there a way to change my online status to offline while surfing?

Yes, you can change your online presence to offline in two ways.

Click the ‘green’ icon in the char bar > Click ‘Offline’ option to hide yourself from your buddies

C. Buddies in Altruu

Who all can be my buddies in Altruu?

Altruu is a global network where you can connect with people around the world without restrictions. However, users can change their privacy settings.

What is the use of explore option in Altruu?

Explore option helps you find buddies in Altruu. It provides you with advanced filtering options to make your searching easier. The search results in explore will include all the users of Altruu.

Who can see my profile details?

Your profile is public. But you can change your privacy settings to make it suit your interest.

Who can I message to?

You can send message to anybody people who has an Altruu account. You can also communicate with people by searching their altruuname in the search field or in explorer at any time. Please use expanded search space for absolute results which you can find in the header section.

How do I invite my buddies?

You can invite your buddies to become an Altruuser by sending invitations to their respective email addresses. You can use the invite buddies option to send invitation which can be found on

Homepage > Sidebar > Invite Buddies.

How can I search like a pro in the explorer?

With our advanced lookup filters, you can procure results at lightning speed. You can discover buddies, pages, gangs, codex and hashtags exactly with the lookup filters like gender, virtual status and digital cover.

D. Security and Privacy

What are the different newsfeeds available in Altruu?

Users are free to switch between newsfeeds in Altruu.
1. Your own private newsfeed which will have posts from your friends and related people
2. Global feed which will have posts from people across the globe
3. Category feed which will have posts from 17 various categories that you choose
4. Personality feed allows you to have posts according to the personality you choose from the list of 16 different personalities
5. Celebrity feed allows you to have the feed based on the interests of the celebrity that you choose from the list of various legendary people in diverse fields

What is Altruu global feed? Will my posts go to Global feed?

Altruu Global feed is the feed visible to all the people accessing Altruu. Your post may or may not be visible in global feed depending on your choice of privacy settings. If you choose your post to be viewable by everyone, your posts will go to Global feed.

What is the use of content filtering in newsfeed?

Content filtering helps you to use your newsfeed, the way you like. Choose between pictures, videos, text, audio or documents and only the type of content you choose will appear on your newsfeed.

What are the privacy settings that I can customize in my account?

You can customize settings including who messages you, who sees your post and status, profile visit notification, status of online and location, profile information such as friends list, timeline, birthday etc. can be set according to your interests. However, your presence in Altruu, name, profile and profile picture, cover photo will always be public and can be viewed by anyone accessing Altruu. The profile can be set to private by Blackout.

How cross-platform sharing works in Altruu?

You can share any of your posts or other contents you see in Altruu to other social networks such as Twitter, Pinterest etc.

Can I turn off the profile visit notification?

Yes. You can turn off the profile visit notification in your settings page. If you turn it off, you will not be notified about anyone visiting your profile and your visit to others profile will not be notified to them.

Does Altruu track me and sell my data to third parties?

No, Altruu never tracks what you do because privacy is our basic human right. We mind our business.

Does enabling privacy ID clears all of my data?

With core data randomization, you can utilize meticulously generated identity to secure your digital identity in more than one way. Buddies who are looking for extra privacy to shield their virtual existence, may use privacy IDs. You can enable two kind of online privacy such as Flat ID and Neural ID. The Flat ID clears all your history generated up to date in Altruu and refurbishes your account with the profile name as your new digital identity cover while the Neural ID does the same deeply with the altruuname as your digital identity cover.

I don’t want to receive messages in Altruu except from my buddies, how can I modify it?

Buddy, please explore our high-class privacy settings fabricated for you because everyone deserves secrecy. If you don’t want to let other Altruusers communicate to you, you can change it anytime in your privacy settings.

Go to Settings > Privacy Settings

You will have ‘Who can message me’ setting Choose ‘My Buddies’ option from the list, now you will receive messages from your buddies alone.

I need to hide buddies I follow from others, how can I do that?

You can disable that in your privacy settings. But make sure that no Altruusers can see your buddies.

Go to Settings > Privacy Settings

You will have ‘Who can see my buddies’ setting

Choose ‘No one’ option from the list

My buddy wants to post on my altruuline, is there a way to do so?

Your buddies can do post on your altruuline obviously if you allow. You can allow that in your privacy setting.

Go to Settings > Privacy Settings

You will have ‘Who can post on my altruuline’ setting

Choose ‘My Buddies’ option to support your buddies’ wish

E. Posts and Content Sharing

What kind of posts can I make in Altruu? Who all can see it?

You may post texts, pictures, videos, audios, documents in Altruu and it can be viewed by people according to your post privacy choice. If you choose people you know, your posts can be viewed only by your buddies and people related to you. If you choose everyone, your post will go to global feed and people all over the world can see it.

What are the ways I can react to posts in Altruu?

You can like the posts, share them or add comments to them. There is also Moonjis which are like, meh, love, happy, wow, sad and angry. Moonjis can be accessed through the reaction button.

Altruu opens a way to express whether the posts are genuine, fake or to support or oppose it. Based on the responses from the users, Altruu will verify the posts, mark it and classify accordingly. If the post is genuine, it will be marked so using Trustee. If the post is found non-genuine, the post cannot be re-shared.

What are Altruu verified posts?

Altruu verified posts are the posts verified by Altruu indicated by Altruu verified badge. Verified posts indicate that the content of the post is authentic, safe and are recommended so by Altruu.

What do the classification of genuine and fake posts mean?

Altruu classifies posts of users into genuine or fake. Genuine post means that the content of the post is authentic, real and safe. Fake indicates that the content of the post is not genuine and not recommended.

What does the badge on the top left corner of posts in Altruu mean?

The badge on the posts in Altruu indicates whether the post is genuine or fake. The trustee badge indicates that the post is genuine and the fake badge indicates that the post is fake.

Can I save photos and videos from posts in Altruu to my device?

Yes, users can save the contents of the posts they see to their device by clicking on the download option in the post. The content you download are subject to copyrights.

What should I do if I find any illicit information on Altruu?

You can report the user, page, gang or codex where you find the illicit information with the ‘report’ option, or you can drop us a message at Altruu Command Centre.

How can I report to Altruu if I see any information infringes on my copyright?

Buddy, you can contact Altruu helpline with the information that you found the copyright infringement by tagging us with the post URL, Altruu will take direct actions against it.

What are the different post formats that I can publish in Altruu?

You can publish your posts in 13 diverse formats of information like picture, text, audio, video, documents, location, etc., so that you can express much more of yourself in several ways.

I want to share a post in WhatsApp, how can I do that?

You can cross-share the information you love from Altruu to WhatsApp directly from the post sharing options. Altruu doesn’t limit the cross sharing of information to WhatsApp alone, so that you can share your lovable information to various social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn also.

Can I filter my posts to show only pictures?

Tired of searching for what you love in the feed, never worry about that. Altruu has an elite feed bar that allows you to control your feed into portraits, descriptives, audiovisual, audios, documents and locality specific posts. If you’re more into pictures, you can filter your feed to show only picture posts. All you need to do is, just click on the picture filter that is located just above the posts.

F. Altruu Credits and Social Services

What are Altruu credits?

Altruu credits are credit points earned by Altruu users by using various services offered by Altruu. Altruu credits can be spent by exchanging them for doing social services, with Altruu.

How can I do social service in Altruu?

Users can exchange Altruu credits for a social service, in return Altruu provides them with authentic Altruu certificate describing their social service. Altruu will do the social service for the users within a reasonable time.

How can I earn credits?

With multi-layered wallet, Altruu generates credits using your routine activities inside Altruu and you can spend it in exchange for a social service. You can earn credits by a number of ways which you can refer by checking our Earn Credits section. Click ‘Earn Credits’ in the left menu bar, where you can know how to earn credits.

Where can I find my credit transactions?

You can find your credit transactions in your Altruu Vault which shows your up to date transaction history from the beginning and your current credit balance.

How do I transfer my credits to my buddies?

Transferring credits means sharing love and valuing humanity, so you can do it without any regret. Altruu made transferring your credits simple for you to spread your humanity. To transfer your credits to your buddies, click the ‘dropdown button’ in post > Transfer Credits.

Enter your buddy name with the credits that need to be transferred and click Transfer button.

You can also add our customized services to get into the credits wire section by doing succeeding steps.

Go to Settings > Centralization > Enable ‘Credit’ service and save. Now you can do it in your home!

G. Altruu Fundamentals

How can I create a gang for me?

Click the dropdown menu button in the right corner of the header.

Click ‘Create New Gang’ menu to create your new gang which can be set to either public or private.

How to add administrators to my gang?

Go to the gang’s profile > Edit > Members Area, where you can make any of the gang members as admins to manage your gang.

How can I add more buddies to join my gang?

Go to the gang’s profile > ‘Add Buddies To Gang’ Menu, which can be found on the sidebar.

There you can find people who are all in your buddies list and you can add any number of buddies.

How can I create my private page?

Click the dropdown menu button in the right corner of the header.

Click ‘Create New Page’ menu to create your new page.

How to add administrators to my page?

Go to the page’s profile > Edit > Admin Area, where you can make any of the gang members as admins to manage your gang.

How can I invite buddies to like my page?

Go to the page’s profile > ‘Invite buddies to like this page’ Menu, which can be found below the page name.

There you can find people who are all in your buddies list and you can add any number of buddies.

How can I create a codex?

Click ‘Codex’ Menu in the header > Click the ‘+’ icon to create codex of your choice.

Can I able to post on codex that I never created?

Yes, you can post on the codex created by other users also. As codex is universal for all the Altruusers to post information anonymously, none of the Altruusers are restricted to post in the codex in Altruu.

How do I publish an event?

Click ‘Events’ in the left menu bar on your homepage > Create

Where you can add the event details such as event name, location, event schedule with precise timing, etc.

Where can I find the ongoing events?

Click ‘Events’ in the left menu bar on your homepage > Ongoing

Where you can find the ongoing events along with the interested events, past events and invited events.

H. Discovery and Content Control

How can I discover information using the Discover ID?

You can experience the world in a click without any of your personal information because privacy matters. To discover the information, please click on the Discover button and that’s it.

Altruu generates a digital identity for you and offers you to save the credentials for your future use. You can also create your own Altruu account and connect with the next generation information networking.

What are the limitations of a discovery identity?

Using the discovery identity, you can not able to publish your posts on Altruu. You can do publish your posts if you want by adding and verifying your email address.

What is the difference between the global feed and buddy feed?

Altruu made it simple to experience the whole planet every day in one click. You can switch your feed to global feed to discover information around the planet along with all the information you pooled. If you want to explore your pooled information alone, you can switch the feed to buddy feed. Altruu has much more than the preceding two feeds to give Altruusers a grand experience.

Why am I seeing celebrity names in the feed selection?

Altruu curates interests that are loved by various legendary people of diverse fields. You can simply select the name of the celebrity you are into, the feed algorithm will switch the feed based on the interests of the selected celebrity, so that you can have a feed that belongs to the information consumption habit of that particular celebrity in an instant.

Can I switch feeds based on my passion?

You can switch your feed of your passion and choice. Altruu allows you to choose you from more than a dozen of classifications in the feed selection, there you can switch your feed to any of the classifications that suits your passion.

I. Settings

How can I change my altruuname?

Go to ‘Settings’ > General Settings Area, where you can change your altruuname.

NOTE: It should not contain any special characters, symbols or spaces

How can I add other social links in my profile?

Go to ‘Settings’ > Social Links Area, where you can add the profile name of your multiple social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, VK, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube.

Can I change my default profile background design?

Of course, you can change the design of your profile according to your wish.

Go to ‘Settings’ > Design Area, where you can upload your custom profile background design that suits you.

How do I customize my header?

Customization enables versatility of your virtual world. Altruu can be customized any way you like, from top to bottom. With more than a hundred operational choices and infinite ways to customize them creates a personalized social network.

Click ‘Customization’ menu in the left menu bar > Go to Header Area

Choose what you want and remove what you don’t want.

Can I customize my posts view in the homepage?

You can customize the posts in all the aspects you want. If you don’t want to like the posts, you can remove the like button from the posts. Isn’t it exciting?

How can I change my homepage design?

Click ‘Customization’ menu in the left menu bar > Go to Hive Design Area

You can choose any design of your choice for your homepage from the available designs.

How do I add apps and services to my homepage?

Altruu is your unified cyberspace to deliver seamless tasking. You can launch diverse range of apps and services in a single touch.

Go to Settings > Centralization > pick the services of your wish to your home for royal experience at one place.

J. Altruu Technical

Is Altruu compatible on my device?

Altruu is compatible with multiple devices like smartphones, tablets and computers and also compatible with multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. You can also download our official application for Android from

How to recover my Altruu account if I forget my password?

To reset your password,

Visit the recover account page which can be done by clicking the ‘forget password’ link in the login page.

Enter your email which you have used while creating your Altruu Account and proceed to generate a password reset link which will be sent to you via email.

Click on the password reset link which you have received in your mailbox and you can create a new password for your Altruu account.

Can I access Altruu from multiple devices at the same time?

You can access Altruu across multiple platforms and devices at the same time with all of your data saved in the cloud, so that you never feel difficult accessing your data on your devices.

What can I do if I’m struck in the login page?

It seems that there are some connectivity issues from your end, so please try again by doing the following things.

Clear your application in your settings or try re-installing application which you can download it from if you use our official application

Clear your browser cache data if you use Altruu in any web browsers

If you still have the same problem after trying all the above things, you can contact Altruu helpline anytime.

K. Verified Information

How do I enable fake news Title?

Fake News Filter is the information firewall where you can shield yourself from fake news.

Go to Settings > General Settings

Click on the Fake News Filter Dropdown and choose ‘Enable’ and save to escape from the fear of fake information.

How can I differentiate the information authentication badges?

Altruu presents a state-of-the-art validation system for information authentication. Every day Altruu verifies information in a whole new level, making it impossible to manipulate and it is constantly working on to do endlessly. Altruu lets users to know whether the information is true or fake by marking in the top left corner of the post. If the post contains ‘T’ mark, the information is authentic and trusted by Altruu. If you find the red mark, the information is fake and you can disregard it.

How does Altruu Score grade the contents?

Altruu Score, an intelligent scoring system for a deeper understanding of every stream of information you come across while surfing the web. Altruu optimized the analyzation and grading of information you see.

L. Data Security

Does wash out my post delete for all the Altruusers who shared it?

Yes, your post will be deleted permanently along with the posts of other Altruusers who shared your post. Wash Out, the universal data controller, gives you control over your data shared on the internet.

How can I wash-out my post?

You can wash-out your post along with all the posts shared from you, within a blink

To delete your post, click the ‘dropdown button’ in post > ‘Wash-out Post’ option

It’s done.

Can I wash-out my buddies’ post?

You can wash-out the posts which are posted by you on Altruu, so you can’t wash out others’ posts because we value your buddies’ privacy too!

How can I restrict other Altruusers from viewing my altruuline?

You can explore our exclusive blackout features to surf online with absolute privacy. Altruu values your personal space and that is how it is shaped. To restrict Altruusers from viewing your altruuline, you can enable shadow blackout mode which will show only your avatar and cover picture to the users who visit your profile. Go to Settings > General Settings Click on the Blackout mode > Altruu, Shadow, Ghost Blackout modes (Choose the privacy mode that you want)

Does ghost blackout mode hide all my activities?

Enabling the ghost black out mode lets you to mask your digital autonomy entirely. If you enable ghost black out mode, you are no longer visible to your buddies and other Altruusers until you change it back to Altruu mode.

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